Vitamins, Minerals, and other Supplements that Eliminate Acne

Can vitamins and minerals help to eliminate acne and get rid of pimples?

Are supplements effective for getting clear skin?

Many supplements exist that will help speed up the success of your acne treatment. It is well known that taking certain vitamins, minerals, or other types of supplements will help to eliminate skin disorders. We are listing some of the most effective ones to use when fighting acne.

50,000 IU of water-soluble Vitamin A should be taken right before eating. Don’t take more than this amount before first getting your physician’s approval because too much Vitamin A can be toxic. If you start experiencing unwanted symptoms with this dosage, then decrease it to 25,000 IU.
500-1000 mg of Vitamin B5, or pantothenic acid, should be taken daily

25-150 mg of Vitamin B6 should be taken daily (Vitamin B6 should be one of the vitamins in a B complex vitamin).
1000 mg of buffered Vitamin C should be taken three times daily.
400 IU of Vitamin E should be taken twice daily and must be taken before eating.

One tablet of Calcium Hydroxyapatite Complex should be taken 3 times daily after every meal.
200-500 micrograms of Chromium should be taken daily.
25-60 mg of Zinc Gluconate should be taken once daily.
Never exceed 100 mg unless you get your physician’s approval. Zinc is, by far, the most important mineral to take in your quest for freedom from acne because it reduces DHT, the male sex hormone that can cause acne if there is an excessive amount of it in the body.

Oxygen Elements Plus
Oxygen Elements Plus is a nutrient that, with proper use, will add 10 to 20% more oxygen to your blood. Aside from the beneficial oxygen, this product also contains other useful minerals and nutrients.

Acid, waste products, and pathogens serve to use up much of the oxygen you receive. The amount left behind is what your body must use for the rest of its needs. Because you need more oxygen than is readily available, Oxygen Elements Plus is a great product to help you get it. Your skin needs oxygen to stay clean and bacteria-free.

More oxygen may result in you having clear, acne-free skin.

Other Special Supplements
Six special supplements exist, in addition to Oxygen Elements Plus, that might clear your acne, as well as improve your level of health and immunity to infections.

Mineral Electrolytes
Digestive Enzymes
Systemic Enzymes
Flax Seed Oil
These supplements should be used according to the directions on their individual labels.

It is important to discontinue using any of the supplements we have mentioned here (especially the ones with high dosages) once your acne is under control.

Once things get back to normal, you should continue whatever supplementation program you were originally using. Prolonged use of supplements in high dosages can sometimes cause a chemical imbalance in your body and can be harmful to your health.

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