Using your Makeup Creatively to Conceal Acne

Is it possible to use makeup to conceal acne?

How can pimples be concealed?

You finally took that important step by visiting your dermatologist and starting acne treatment earlier this week! Your skin will soon become clear, beautiful, and acne-free.

Congratulations! Did you say that you had an important meeting to attend tomorrow and you needed your skin cleared up by then? Well, your acne may not clear itself that quickly but there are some tips you can use in order to look your best at your meeting.

Using makeup creatively will enable you to conceal your acne temporarily but you must adhere to a few basic rules. Do keep in mind that this is only a cover-up, not a cure.

The basic essentials needed for your acne cover-up kit
Your most important acne cover-up tools will be concealer, foundation, and powder. Buy only brand name, trusted products from reputable stores. Choose oil-free, hypoallergenic products matching your skin color.

Read the product labels thoroughly to ensure that you aren’t buying products loaded with oil that will halt your newly started acne treatment in its tracks. If you decide to try a new brand, test it out before using it by dabbing a little bit under your jaw line. If your skin is going to react negatively, it will do so within the hour.

Before starting the cover-up
Before you start the acne cover-up process, gently wash your face and neck with your usual cleansing product and then pat dry. Use your new acne treatment medication next by applying it according to the instructions. Allow this to dry completely.

The main event
Now you can start the cover-up process. Dab small amounts of concealer directly on red or darkened splotches of your face and neck that were caused by acne blemishes. Use a throwaway makeup sponge to blend the concealer into your skin.

Don’t overdo this step because too much concealer will look awful once it dries. Apply it very lightly.

Now, dab small amounts of foundation on your skin, blending with the sponge. Reapply to areas that seem to need a little more coverage but, again, don’t overdo, because too much makeup will draw attention to your acne-scarred skin.

Your final step is to apply a very light layer of powder, using a soft makeup brush. Always use oil-free powder with the softest brush you can find to avoid irritating your acne-troubled skin. The powder will absorb any shine left behind by your makeup and will also give your face that “finished” appearance.

Be certain to dispose of the makeup sponges you used during your cover-up. They will retain oil from your face and should be thrown out to avoid transferring that same oil to your face tomorrow.

Before going to sleep
Always wash your face before going to bed each night. Your skin needs that time to breathe and your acne does not need to have makeup coating it because additional blemishes may result. Apply your acne treatment again (according to instructions).

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