October 22

5 Questions about Acne you might be Curious to Know the Answers to


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5 Questions about Acne you might be Curious to Know the Answers to

Curious about acne? Thinking about pimples?

Here’s 5 questions about acne you might be curious to know the answers to.

Just the mention of the word “acne” fills some people with dread. They envision having to spend long hours caring for their skin by scrubbing it, applying expensive creams to it, and avoiding the foods they most love to eat in order to prevent pimples from breaking out all over their faces.

The great news is that advances are being made in the treatment of acne and experts are discovering new ways to prevent and treat this dreaded skin condition. Some of the old wives’ tales about acne have proven untrue and new information about how to get clear, beautiful skin is being uncovered daily.

Take a look at these 5 questions regarding acne treatment and skin care:

1. To scrub or not?

Although experts once thought that scrubbing was necessary to get clean, pimple-free skin, they now know that scrubbing skin with harsh abrasives only serves to irritate and injure the skin. Because skin is delicate, it can easily become damaged, leaving it unable to act as a shield against harmful bacteria. So scrubbing your skin with or without abrasives must be avoided.

2. Can the sun make my skin beautiful?

Although the sun is capable of stopping bacteria in its tracks, it also harms your skin by drying it out and clogging your pores. Prolonged exposure (more than 15 minutes per day) to sunlight will not help you obtain beautiful skin and should be avoided.

3. Will cold air help clear my skin of acne?

Extremely cold weather damages the skin much the same way as sunlight does by drying it out and clogging the pores. Cold air should be avoided because it will interfere with any progress you are making towards clearing up your acne breakouts. The best temperature for maintaining beautiful, clear skin is between 70 and 80 degrees F.

4. Will swimming harm my skin?

Swimming is an excellent choice, both for your fitness level and your acne-prone skin. Swimming in an ozone-purified indoor swimming pool, with water that is approximately 75 to 85 degrees F, will cool down your irritated skin, reduce stress, and provide great exercise for your entire body.

5. How can I avoid coming into contact with the bacteria that causes acne?

The best way to prevent bacteria-causing acne and have pimple-free skin is to keep everything around you as clean as possible.

Please Note: Bacteria thrive in linens, towels, and washcloths so you must wash them each time you use them.

Some natural products that have been proven to cut down on bacteria are vinegar, essential oils, and tea tree oil, all of which can be used to wash your linens and undergarments.

Following these 5 steps will help you effectively fight and control your stubborn acne because you will learn to change your bad habits.

Changing your unhealthy habits will lead to a healthier lifestyle which will, in turn, lead to beautiful, clear, acne-free skin.

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